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The webauto.de GmbH

webauto.de GmbH was founded in 1998 by Fred Benz in Karlsruhe, and has ever since garanteed a stable and healthy growth as mediator and seller on online car markets. webauto.de is active on a local, national and international level. Together with the Motor press in Stuttgart, webauto.de GmbH makes sure to offer a neutral, trustworthy and longlasting cooperation.

Strength through Partnership

Motor Presse Stuttgart In july 2010 the Motor press in Stuttgart started supporting webauto. GmbH. By joining their forces a neutral, trustworthy and longlasting cooperation is offered to our clients. You can take advantage of its convenient conditions by booking ads on Auto Motor und Sport, sporttauto and Motor Klassik and on webauto.de or taking advantage of offerts on vehicles in the online market at www.auto-motor-sport.de.

Area of business

webauto.de GmbH offers support for both private clients and enterprises. Focus of this website lies in the sale of cars and other vehicles for private clients and for the automobile market.


Through webauto.de, the Enterprise in Karlsruhe has since 1998 brought forth the idea of a national online car stock market. Both car sellers and private clients have the possibility to publish the vehicles on the portal and to sell them. A detailed search engine, that makes the search of the desired vehicle easier, is available to all those who visit the page. Through it specific models or seller can be found on a local level. it´s also possible to start a car search according to the specific criteria given by the customer and to advise him the moment his desired vehicle is found on the web. Publishing a vehicle is also easy: for only 6 euro, ads will be published on webauto.de, auto-motor-und-sport.de, auto-m.com, arcor.de, google-base, many other websites and on the magazine AUTOMARKT. If the ads time on the site isn´t extended it will be aoutmotically eliminated after 4 weeks. Under request, vehicles on sale can also be published on "auto motor und sport". www.webauto.de


To sell vehicles on an international scale, webauto.de GmbH offers its clients a link to auto-m.com. With its search engines this enterprise has been represented in 25 countries since 2004, between them France, Spain, Italy and many others. Publishing an ad is done through an easy to fill form, that resumes all necessary and for a buyer interesting informations. An ad with up to 5 photos costs 5 euros and it appears for 4 weeks on auto-m.com. Car sellers too can sell their vehicles on this site. Costs stagger in this case between 0 and 1 euro per day, depending on the scopes of service. The free option comprehends the vehicle´s ad and mamanagement, the Druckcenter service, where price tags can be attacched to the vehicle and printed, and the informations about one´s own internet site. The entirety of the offer is determined by the price option, in which sellers publish up to 250 vehicles in all of Europe and that receive more than 1 mio. visits. Furthermore, the options of 15 photos attachments in big size and of statistics on the buyer´s demand and popularity of vehicles are also included in this offert. www.auto-m.com


meinautohaus.de was added in 2009 as service software in the databank of webauto.de. meinautohaus.de offers suports to carsellers, car dealerships and dealership groups to affirm their enterprises and to sell their cars on the internet. Therefore an optimized, individually arrangeable search engine, which can be easily modififed by a CMS, is available to our users. Through an easy vehicle describing method sellers can publish their ads on the website and on online markets at the same time. Other than on the main sites every single vehicle is modified into SEO file and shown on the search engine. A 2.0 conncetion wih other webs is possible.